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Live resin shatter/live resin diamonds $5/g (424) 224-5085

Live resin shatter / live resin diamonds at $5/g. All concentrates are highest level purity. Distillate also available Cat3 and Cat2. Ask us about it! […]

$ 3 days ago

Taking a Dab For the First Time?

Taking a Dab For the First Time? Even for the most experienced user, taking a dab for the first time can seem daunting. You have […]

$ 19 days ago

Marijuana Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are one of the most popular formats. And for good reason – they are super potent, super tasty, and super fun to consume. […]

$ 19 days ago

1 Gram 1000 MG ‘LIVE RESIN’ Vape Cartridges

1000 MG DNA Vape Cartridge One Gram Ceramic Cartridge Cannabis Derived Terpenes High Tolerance Concentrated Vape Please call/text 747 287 6349 Telegram, Signal, and Whatsapp […]

$ 21 days ago

Special Promo *** medical marijuana products available in stock ****

Hey guys im weedfarm from darknet markets i came to this platform so people will not get scam anymore. We are the best and *** […]

$0 Los Angeles 26 days ago