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$150 Oz for Indoor Exotic FIRE Cannabis

Sample the best weed on BudTrader for only $150 and oz including delivery. FIRE INDOOR EXOTICS only $150 MENU: Indica: Mendo Breathe Kosher Kush Hybrid: […]

$ 405 days ago

Cannabis Edibles Candy Bars

Cannabis infused edibles candy bars All flavors: Twix, Snickers, Reese’s, butterfinger 500 MG of THC 858-345-9325

$ 11 days ago

Chocolate Bar Edibles Make Microdosing Easy

Chocolate Bar Edibles Make Microdosing Easy Few people can resist the smooth, rich flavor of a ******* chocolate bar. The only thing that can make […]

$ 11 days ago

Marijuana Cannabis Edibles

What are marijuana edibles? WHAT WE KNOW: Edibles, made with marijuana leaves or higher potency cannabis extracts, are a popular, less-detectable alternative to smoking marijuana. […]

$ 11 days ago
Gummies-candies-chocolate at budtrader

Wide Selection of Edibles (424) 224-5085

Gummies, candies, chocolate – huge selection! 500/600mg at $9 each, the flavor varieties and potencies you crave, and we are always getting new items in. […]

$ 30 days ago

Best Cannabis Delivery – Weed Delivery

Step 1: Join our collective. Step 2: Schedule an online consultation. Step 3: Shop and get your medicine discreetly delivered to your door! We have: […]

$ 68 days ago