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What are the uses of CBD cream?

What are the uses of CBD cream? What are the uses of CBD cream? It activates body’s endocannabinoid system. It binds cell receptors in skin, […]

$ 100 days ago

Where should you buy CBD from?

Where should you buy CBD from? Buying CBD products nowadays is a hard task because of all the endless options we have. First, you should […]

$ 100 days ago

Greenhouse Cannabis Units

Text or call 323-696-0229 $1000 a unit $100 and oz Strain: Wedding Cake or Bruce Banner

$ 100 days ago

How to dry and cure cannabis to ensure ******* shelf life

Planning for what happens after a cannabis crop is harvested is as important as cultivating the crop. That’s according to marijuana and hemp producers and […]

$ 100 days ago

Indoor Fire Cannabis Units 323-418-7177

Indoor Fire Cannabis Units Text/Call/Facetime 323-418-7177 $1200 a unit $100 oz Strains: Gelato, Wedding Cake, Blue Dream, Bubba Kush

$ 100 days ago

$150 and ounce donation – patients only

Blue dream or bubba kush hand trimmed 323-696-0229

$ 100 days ago

Light Deps, Indoor / Exotics

Light Deps – $1250 unit, $150 oz Platinum Cookies Wedding Cake Indoor / Exotics – $1400, $200 oz SSHO LA Kush Text: 323-696-0229

$ 100 days ago

Bulk Flower Wholesale 323-696-0229

Facetime to see products 323-696-0229 INDICA STRAINS: Do- Si -Dos LA Confidential Platinum OG SATIVA STRAINS: Sour diesel Purple haze Sour Tangie HYBRID STRAINS: OG […]

$ 100 days ago

Gelato Auto Cannabis Seeds

Gelato Auto is an autoflowering cannabis strain and a Sativa-dominant weed hybrid from Fast Buds. With THC levels hovering around 26%, it ranks among the […]

$ 100 days ago

Cannabis Strain of the Day – Orange Tree

Marijuana Strain – Orange Tree Classification – Hybrid Lineage – Orange Valley OG, 24K Description – Strong smell of Citrus and diesel. So much it […]

$ 100 days ago

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